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Harvest is coming

Image     I’ve officially been living in Springfield for about a month now. I’m already having slight withdrawals from the farms back home. At least in the city of Council Bluffs I was able to drive to the country and escape it all. I now live in my own little one bedroom apartment directly in the middle of the city. It is a nice little home, but I am itching to find a horse to ride. My parents were supposed to come down and visit this weekend my 20th birthday is on Monday. Looks like that isn’t going to happen, harvest is coming early this year. Southwest Missouri seemed to get plenty of rain this summer, but Iowa is burning up! We only have a few hundred acres that are being irrigated. Most of the corn will be ready by this week to be harvested. I fortunately have wonderful friends and a boyfriend who will celebrate with me instead. My birthday has been close to harvest every year, I understand that the job comes first.

     I’m feeling slightly depressed that I will miss it another year because of school. Not many people understand what harvest is like, but it is my favorite time of year. The air starts to cool down just to the perfect temperature it feels crisp in the morning. I can comfortably put on boots and flannels without being sweaty and miserable. Leaves change to brilliant radiant colors before they fall filling up  yards. My favorite is driving the diesel truck through the hills looking at the corn ready to be picked. It is golden yellow, and to me that is what money looks like. It makes me laugh when people say “money doesn’t grow on trees.” In my family money grows on corn, because that is purely how we make our entire income. Red tractors and combines work around the clock to pick everything before it gets too cold. I love to ride around in the combine with my father, we never say much to each other though. Most farm men don’t, he simply loves to know I am next to him. That is all he needs to make his day better, and the same goes for me. I don’t know what it is, but there is something soothing and wonderful about harvest time. Most people would think it was boring sitting in a tractor for 15 hours a day, They simply don’t understand what its like to farm, but I would love to give insight of just what it means to me.


Comments on: "Harvest is coming" (1)

  1. teri keller said:

    Don’t worry hoochie, crew and I will spend at least a couple
    Days in hamburg on the combine with Roy for you!!!! ❤

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