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Misperceptions of Agriculture


 The reason I started this blog is for my Agriculture Public Relations class. Each week I am required to write a post, often I am given the option on what I want to talk about. This week in class we really started delving into some of the misperceptions in agriculture. We were all given an hour to find a partner, and making a video relating to agriculture. My partner and I decided to see what PETA had to say about the beef industry. We were only required to have a two minute video, and we managed to make ours almost three minutes. All we ended up getting to explain was one mere sentence that PETA had made in the opening paragraph of their page. It seems to amaze me how many people have such a strong opinion on something they have no facts on.

 There are so many misperceptions of Agriculture it should honestly enrage many people working in the industry. This class is important to any Ag major, because everyone needs a voice. We must defend our way of living along with the jobs we have. People aren’t necessarily trying to offend us they are simply misinformed. The video I made is nothing special by all means. But, just something as simple as a video, or blog can go viral. One thing you post online can change the opinion of so many people. I believe the Ag community needs to go out and get more involved with the internet. Modern technology is how the world is functioning. If more people decide to get onboard then it will make it easier to share OUR story. This will keep people who have no clue what they are saying from poisoning our industry. Even if you do just make a short video off your phone, someone will see it and that can make all the difference.



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