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Ozark Farm & Neighbor

This week for my Ag public relations class we had a guest speaker named Lynzee Glass; she works with Ozark Farm and neighbor. This is a paper written every three weeks about agriculture in Missouri, and surrounding states. It has almost 50,000 readers, but most are male between ages 35 and 64. It seems in modern day society the younger generations are using a lot more technology. The Ozark Farm and Neighbor paper decided to utilize internet sources. They now are connected to the world through Facebook and Twitter. Lynzee had mentioned that her boss almost seemed a little reluctant to join Facebook at first. He was simply trying to figure out how it could help him make a profit? This is the one of the most important questions when it comes to operating a business. But, what happens when these older men who read their paper pass on? I know that I personally haven’t read a paper myself in at least a year. I do happen to check my Facebook, and use the internet daily.

This lead them to using social media beyond just their paper. It is the best way for them to connect to the younger generation of the world. Once they made the Facebook page then they could track how many people liked it. The internet also has changed how they can get information out. The paper is only sent out every three weeks, this often means breaking news is often sent out a while after it happens. Social media has allowed them to get information out in a much more timely manner. They can also post community events, photos, and press releases through twitter. Even if they only have a few thousand followers, they are reaching additional people. Lets face it not a ton of older farmers check their Facebook page each day, that is if they even have one. Since making Facebook, and Twitter is free it seems like only a gain. Utilizing the internet has definitely only helped out their business. The world is changing, and if a business doesn’t keep up it may just be left in the dust.


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