Living life in two different worlds

Please Hurry Up Break

I am so ready for FALL BREAK! It officially starts next Wednesday, and I am so excited. I want to go to Iowa and see all my loved ones already. My little brother turns 12 on Saturday, I hate that I have to miss it. My wonderful boyfriend is living in Iowa with my family learning to farm. It is a wonderful opportunity, but now I’m one lonely lady. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I was going to lose my best friend ALL of harvest. That may be why I am very excited to go home. I’ve had so much more time since he left. Today I have a meeting for the Big Sister Program here in Springfield. I am hoping to find a child to mentor, and help change a life. Volunteering is a great way for me to stay busy, and feel really good about myself.
I also am managing to get plenty of homework done. I usually always do it, but I am not procrastinating nearly as much as I was. Netflix still may end up being my demise. Once I get started on a series I can’t stop watching it. I am having a massive cookout, and swimming party tomorrow night. I figure I can stay busy if I invite around 30 people over. That should most definitely be an ordeal. I can’t figure out why Springfield is still so hot. I still can’t go a day without sweating where is my chilly weather? My boyfriend called and said it had rained so they can’t get in the field, because the moisture levels are just to high. Anyway off to work on homework I go. Can’t wait until I can blog about my Iowa trip. I included a little video of what Harvest looks like in case people don’t fully understand.


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