Living life in two different worlds

Rain GO Away

This week I was finally able to come home! I never realize how much I miss farming, and my home until I visit. Harvest is unfortunately moving at  an extremely slow pace this year. We have two combines that try to run around the clock. Over the week I have been home one has been broke down almost each day. My poor father may end up blowing a head gasket himself. The combines are old enough that we have to pick up parts, and fix them ourselves. The men are usually hard at it, but finding parts has been a struggle. On Saturday when the 9120 broke down the closest Case IH dealer with the parts we needed was 8 hours away in North Dakota. They wouldn’t ship it until Wednesday, and that is too long to have a combine not running. My dad left instantly to go get the necessary parts. That is dedication to say the least. I have learned nothing comes between a farmer and getting his crops out. Birthdays, anniversaries, none of it comes first.

     You can bring dinner in the combine, and celebrate if you want to spend time with them. My dad went down and started fixing the combine on Sunday after his trek to North Dakota. That night another break down happens. If you have control issues farming is NOT for you. It is completely unpredictable, and extremely frustrating at times! The next day is Monday, and I drove about 4 hours getting some parts for my dad. Once I drop them off the rain starts coming down. Its only typical that mother nature would love to pour down all day during harvest. Our crops burned up this summer we prayed for rain constantly. It never really did come. Now when we do not want it, of course it decides to show up. Now no one can get in the field because it is too muddy. My boyfriend has gotten work off the last few days which is really nice. I have got to spend much more time with him than I originally anticipated. We went fishing in the freezing cold rain yesterday for over 2 hours. I only had a hoodie on, and my hands lost all feeling. I woke up this morning hardly able to swallow yay for sickness. It is time for this rain to go away so harvest can move on, and I can stay healthy. For now I will just keep singing rain, rain go away. I am sure Mother Nature will just ignore me like always.




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