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Animal Science Lab

This week I don’t have any big Ag issue topics to discuss. Of course I do have plenty of topics to talk about relating to agriculture. Out of the 18 credit hours I am taking in school 15 of them are Agriculture related. Animal science is one of my favorite classes even though it also is one of my most difficult. I really like it because we actually get to do hands on labs. It is literally the only time I leave a classroom while still getting credit for it. I want to talk about the lab I had a few weeks ago. We are covering the reproductive system of livestock. I am of course going into a row crop business, but it is good to understand all aspects of agriculture. I went to the Pinegar Arena with the mind set that we would be learning about reproduction by watching diagrams. I did not however prepare for the fact we would actually be watching the breeding process up close.


   I must say a few people in my class looked extremely traumatized by the end. Our focus has been artificial insemination because it allows the spread of diversified genes across the world. Our teacher had artificial horse vaginas out which he sat right in front of me. I tried to lean back my germ phobia kicked in, and I did not want them to touch me at all. The stallion was extremely high strung which didn’t surprise me at all. I just couldn’t believe after all the years I have been around, and worked with horses I had no clue how artificial insemination worked. They simply had the horse mount a dummy to prevent possible injury to another mare. It also allows them to impregnate multiple mares instead of just one. Then we actually got to see a mare receive an ultra sound. You could see when she was ovulating so they could properly get her pregnant. In order to do that you must shove your hand should deep in the rectum to get a clear picture. The image of rubbing it against their bellies faded from my imagination quickly. I learned so much I literally can’t begin to describe it all. The point I’m trying to get across is that the Ag industry is not an easy one. Breeding which seems simple is so complicated, and takes a lot of effort. It also is not very pretty at all, and can get very messy. I now am glad that I am sticking with row crops I don’t have the stomach for anything else. Keep in mind that no matter what the job respect people for what they do. I am simply feeling blessed to learn so much about the entire industry.

Also on a side note totally not Ag related, I GOT ENGAGED!  


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