Living life in two different worlds

My Journey into Twitter

This week has been interesting to say the least. I’ve said before that I write this blog for my Public Relations in Agriculture class. We were assigned an exploration project explaining a form of social media we have never used before. We do this so we can learn how to promote agriculture, and help businesses. I absolutely admire farmers that have been around, and worked hard for many years. The issue I am finding is that they aren’t necessarily on board with technology. I can’t blame them they have gotten along without it most of their lives. This class is teaching me just how important it really can be. Things like Facebook, and Twitter can really help promote a business.

  I have a Facebook, but that is about as far as my social media interaction goes. I decided to take on the task of Twitter by creating an account, and really delving in to how it can help a business. I was quite impressed to say the least. Of course with over 200 million users it makes it possible to connect with the world. People who have no idea about agriculture now have the ability to learn. Selling a product is more possible, and now we can defend our industry. People who tweet bad things can be put into their place. I’m going to really try to get some older farmers I am friends with on board. If they refuse it at least puts me at ease that I now am more involved in the Twitter world. According to most people Facebook is going out of style, and Twitter is the new big thing. I am very excited to incorporate social media within my own farming operation. It never hurts to make contacts beyond our local buyers.


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