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My Final School Blog


Well this is it, my semester is finally about to end. Finals are next week I cannot believe how fast time has gone. I am giving a reflection of my class course today, then I will be free to write about whatever I please. I have gained much more from my public relations in agriculture class than I ever thought I would. It really has given me an entirely new perspective on the importance of technology. This blog alone has hundreds of hits, and I thought no one would even care to read something that I had to say. I have gained the ability to really market products that I want people to see. The skills I have acquired will potentially help me in my future farming business. I comment on at least one other blog every single week. This has allowed other people to discover who I am, and the opinions that I have. It is really exciting when someone comments back I absolutely enjoy a good conversation especially on a controversial subject.
  I have also met some pretty cool people through my blogging experience. My favorite is still Dairy Carrie. She did Skype my class, but she was still so inspiring. I just really respected her view on things, and really appreciated her thoughts. She had some really amazing insight that I took, and applied in my own personal blogging. I’ve learned about some social media sites that I never wanted to use. I also really enjoyed the fact my class always took a least 30 minutes to talk about current agriculture news. I have ben much more involved with what is going on in the world around me. I also have had the opportunity to do create a social media plan for FCS Financial. I know have the opportunity to apply for an internship with the company which was all because of this class. I now have opened the gateway to telling my story, and I hope everyone has enjoyed reading it.


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