Living life in two different worlds

My Background

It all began in a tiny farm town in Hamburg, Iowa population 900. My great grandfather bought acres upon acres of farmland knowing one day it would pass down to his future generations of grandchildren. So here I am, going to school at Missouri State University with the dreams of farming for the rest of my life. I was raised in the Country life I was on a horse before I was in preschool, and had more animals than the entire town. I loved my tiny town, everyone knew who you were. It was safe, and I didn’t want to leave. In fifth grade my mother and sister decided it was best to move an hour away to the city of Council Bluffs, Iowa. I screamed and cried the entire time we were moving, my father decided to commute to the farms every day from the big city. I now consider myself to be a city slicking farmer because of my upbringing. My roots are strong for the country life I fish, love my guns, and could ride a horse everyday. But, I learned quick in the city if you want any friends you better learn to dress and go shopping. I now have a wardrobe that is completely full of dresses, heels, and clothes. Right below is a 12 gauge, six pairs of cowboy boots, and belts so binged out they could blind you. It isn’t uncommon for me to ride horses all morning in a dirty outfit then drive back up to the city and go out to dance clubs with a dress and heels. I’ve always just thought that I was fortunate to grow up with the best of both worlds. My parents farm close to 3,700 acres of pure row crop. Corn and soybeans are the only thing you will find out in the field. We also have many thoroughbreds my dad loves the horse racing business. I want to manage the farms until he retires, then hopefully take over and run the business. I live quite an interesting life, but I love every single minute of it


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