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My Final School Blog


Well this is it, my semester is finally about to end. Finals are next week I cannot believe how fast time has gone. I am giving a reflection of my class course today, then I will be free to write about whatever I please. I have gained much more from my public relations in agriculture class than I ever thought I would. It really has given me an entirely new perspective on the importance of technology. This blog alone has hundreds of hits, and I thought no one would even care to read something that I had to say. I have gained the ability to really market products that I want people to see. The skills I have acquired will potentially help me in my future farming business. I comment on at least one other blog every single week. This has allowed other people to discover who I am, and the opinions that I have. It is really exciting when someone comments back I absolutely enjoy a good conversation especially on a controversial subject.
  I have also met some pretty cool people through my blogging experience. My favorite is still Dairy Carrie. She did Skype my class, but she was still so inspiring. I just really respected her view on things, and really appreciated her thoughts. She had some really amazing insight that I took, and applied in my own personal blogging. I’ve learned about some social media sites that I never wanted to use. I also really enjoyed the fact my class always took a least 30 minutes to talk about current agriculture news. I have ben much more involved with what is going on in the world around me. I also have had the opportunity to do create a social media plan for FCS Financial. I know have the opportunity to apply for an internship with the company which was all because of this class. I now have opened the gateway to telling my story, and I hope everyone has enjoyed reading it.


Skype Session: Dairy Carrie

This week in my Public Relations class in Agriculture I was fortunate enough to meet Dairy Carrie. That is of course due to technology she talked with my class through Skype from her house in Wisconsin. I had never met someone over Skype so I wasn’t quite sure what it would be like. I figured it might be awkward for Carrie to have an entire class of students just staring at her through a computer screen. She handled it wonderfully to say the least. I literally have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. I am hoping that I will eventually get to meet her in person. She has already made such an impact on the agriculture community it is phenomenal. The Skype session really gave me some motivation, and encouragement I have been looking for.

  I have posted Carrie’s blog link below, and I highly encourage that you all go read it. She really gave me some good advice that I would like to share. First of all she let us all know that we need to make sure to share OUR own story. It should not be left to others, we are all responsible as a whole. Social media is such a marvelous tool that we must all learn to utilize. Carrie for example has had thousands of views, and comments on her blog. She is reaching out to people who may have no idea what the Agriculture Industry is all about. It is such a wonderful way to let people know what your life is like, and it can help them understand it. I was encouraged to make sure not to polish my stories too much. People want real because they want to be able to connect with you. Sometimes we may have to show the bad side of the industry like the death of livestock. This shows how life really is for some farmers, and it lets the world see that also. My favorite was her explanation on learning how to pick, and choose battles. There has been so much controversy over the Chipotle video, along with other related post that have upset some of the Agriculture Community. I now have a different approach when it comes to controversial topics. I am definitely going to try to improve my blogging, along with letting the world know MY story.