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Harvest is OVER!


Tuesday was such a wonderful day for everyone at Bowman Farms. Harvest has finally ended which is one of the most exciting things a farmer experiences every year. Harvest is the only income that a farmer receives throughout the entire year. In my household my dad usually gets from Mid December until about March off. Let me clarify off means that he isn’t putting in 17 hours days 7 days a week in the field. He simply is working in the shop, caring for equipment, or hauling grain. It seems that when it comes to farming something can always be done. Regardless what time of year it is the work never seems to stop coming. This also is exciting because I finally get my fiancé back. He has been living with my family the last few months farming with my father. He mostly enjoys driving the Semi hauling grain to wherever it needs to go for the day. Sean is just getting an idea of the family business so he knows what he is getting into. Plus what is better than having his future father in law chewing him out on a daily basis ;).  I went home to visit for the weekend, and our Saturday night date consisted of us riding in the semi together until after midnight. He never had time to eat so I ran into town bringing him a greasy dinner.

   None of the men seem to stop working for about anything. When I am home I try to bring the guys lunch every day. They never stop to go into town, and eat. They would rather work around the clock to get the crops out of the field. This year is rained a numerous amount of times. This of course meant no one could get in the field to work. The closer we were to December the more stressed out my father seemed to get. We want all of our crops out before the snow it always is a race against the clock. We ended up having a much better crop than expected. This summer was extremely dry, and we feared the worst for the crops. My fiancé should be coming back to Missouri this week, and life is good. I can only thank the lord for watching over my family another years.


My Journey into Twitter

This week has been interesting to say the least. I’ve said before that I write this blog for my Public Relations in Agriculture class. We were assigned an exploration project explaining a form of social media we have never used before. We do this so we can learn how to promote agriculture, and help businesses. I absolutely admire farmers that have been around, and worked hard for many years. The issue I am finding is that they aren’t necessarily on board with technology. I can’t blame them they have gotten along without it most of their lives. This class is teaching me just how important it really can be. Things like Facebook, and Twitter can really help promote a business.

  I have a Facebook, but that is about as far as my social media interaction goes. I decided to take on the task of Twitter by creating an account, and really delving in to how it can help a business. I was quite impressed to say the least. Of course with over 200 million users it makes it possible to connect with the world. People who have no idea about agriculture now have the ability to learn. Selling a product is more possible, and now we can defend our industry. People who tweet bad things can be put into their place. I’m going to really try to get some older farmers I am friends with on board. If they refuse it at least puts me at ease that I now am more involved in the Twitter world. According to most people Facebook is going out of style, and Twitter is the new big thing. I am very excited to incorporate social media within my own farming operation. It never hurts to make contacts beyond our local buyers.

Living in Two Worlds

It all began in a tiny farm town in Hamburg, Iowa population 900. My great grandfather bought acres upon acres of farmland knowing one day it would pass down to his future generations of grandchildren. So here I am, going to school at Missouri State University with the dreams of farming for the rest of my life. I was raised in the Country life I was on a horse before I was in preschool, and had more animals than the entire town. I loved my tiny town, everyone knew who you were. It was safe, and I didn’t want to leave. In fifth grade my mother and sister decided it was best to move an hour away to the city of Council Bluffs, Iowa. I screamed and cried the entire time we were moving, my father decided to commute to the farms every day from the big city. I now consider myself to be a city slicking farmer because of my upbringing. My roots are strong for the country life I fish, love my guns, and could ride a horse everyday. But, I learned quick in the city if you want any friends you better learn to dress and go shopping. I now have a wardrobe that is completely full of dresses, heels, and clothes. Right below is a 12 gauge, six pairs of cowboy boots, and belts so binged out they could blind you. It isn’t uncommon for me to ride horses all morning in a dirty outfit then drive back up to the city and go out to dance clubs with a dress and heels. I’ve always just thought that I was fortunate to grow up with the best of both worlds. My parents farm close to 3,700 acres of pure row crop. Corn and soybeans are the only thing you will find out in the field. We also have many thoroughbreds my dad loves the horse racing business. I want to manage the farms until he retires, then hopefully take over and run the business. I live quite an interesting life, but I love every single minute of it.